Yesterday morning as I walked to the park
I felt a wet nudge on my hand
I turned to look, it was Ratiram
My street-dog friend

Rati must have known my route
So to catch up he had strayed
From his territory
Not caring for rules

I complained ‘long time no see’
Rati just smiled and kept walking
He was glad
No more conversation was needed

A suspicion crossed my mind
Did he want his favorite biscuits?
No, for he walked off quickly
At the park gate, letting me go in alone.

It was just pure desire to see a friend
Food he could find, also place to sleep
But once in a long enough while
Without bothering,
One has to meet a FRIEND.

Partap Aggarwal
September 10, 2011


I was saying
O Great Spirit
I thank you for the daily bread
On my plate and other bounties

The Great Spirit spoke
Son, do not thank me
I gave only the daily bread
The rest is your work

You steal from your ‘brothers’
Your affluence is due to wages
You did not pay
And hid for greed

Son, think
You will feel joyful
And sleep better
If you feel content with daily bread

You will also reap
Many, many other bounties
Peace, justice, deep health,
Much more.
August 30, 2011