Three Major Benefits of Fasting

Three Major Benefits of Fasting

One, I get a chance to recognize and appreciate my immune system. It is the most wonderful gift I got at birth to protect my body from illnesses and injuries of all kind. Its value is immeasurable, power and wisdom supreme. It is impossible fully to comprehend it.

On May 21, 2009 as I turned 78 I felt deeply thankful for my first birthday gift. Because of it I am quite strong and healthy to this day. Without it I might have died years ago. I know for sure that medicines alone cannot cure. They can at best augment my inbuilt immune system.

Life gave me this gift for constant use. Doing that is the proper way to cherish the gift. Neglecting it by failing to use it is spurning it. It cannot make Life, the giver of the gift, happy. She can rightly think that the gift should be taken back because it is not needed. What that would do is not difficult to imagine for it happen everyday (as aids) right under our noses.

Two, the fast will exercise my immune system, cure my illnesses and tone up my body.

When I am sick I fast and rest. Body is freed from the task of digesting food and doing other work. It turns all its energies over to the immune system. I heel, cure, get cleansed of toxins in my body.

This is the natural way of healing and toning up the body. All animals practice it.

Three, I will abstain from thinking during fasting; remain silent and free to listen to the sounds of the body.

My mind does not control the inner workings of my body. It can influence what I put into my mouth. But once that is done the body takes over. Body has its own wisdom and it works in full freedom.

My mind eats memory turns it into thoughts and expresses them in words. It lives in stale past and loses touch with the fresh living present.

My body lives in the present and works with living Truth.

During fasting my mind slows down and my body speeds up its healing work using true wisdom of the universe.

May 23, 2009