Beauty of a Humble Roadside Flower

Beauty of a Humble Roadside Flower

Last Tuesday I was walking on one of the fire lane roads at Navadarshanam. Something made me stop and look. I looked at my eye level and above and did not see anything unusual. Then I looked on the ground to my left. As my eyes skimmed the surface I noticed something white looking up from among the tiny plants. I sat down and a most beautiful flower attracted my attention. As I focused my eyes on it I was stunned to take in its beauty.

The flower was about an inch wide. Its 20 petals were perfectly shaped and neatly arranged in a circle. In the middle there stood fifty quarter inch long hairs each wearing the most exquisite crown I have ever seen. As I took the time to watch the details I was filled with awe.

The flower seemed to have read my feeling and thoughts. It asked; “Why are you so puzzled to see me, old man?”

“I am not puzzled. I am awe struck to see your breath taking beauty”

“But why are you so exceptionally awe struck? Have you never seen a pretty flower?

“I have, but you are so tiny and hidden in the grass. Frankly, you are too pretty for your humble station. Who made you with so much love and care?”

“I am a child of Life. Life loves me. She has crafted me with care. There is no artist in the world to equal my maker, and there will never ever be one. I am very rich and very fortunate to be what I am and where I am. You too are a child of Life and equally lucky. You will never be unhappy if you remember this.”

December 09, 2006