Sathya Sai Baba’s Life Changing Teaching

Sathya Sai Baba’s Life Changing Teaching

Sai Baba used to come to Whitefield for two and a half months every summer. He stayed at his ashram in Kadgudi just three kilometers from our house. Every morning and evening he gave darshan. Thousands of people came from the city and nearby villages and towns. The hall used to be so full that a large number had to be seated outside on the street level.

Although I felt his presence in my heart I did not physically go to the ashram with any regularity. I knew that roads choked with traffic without me and thought why add to the city’s troubles. However, I always took our out-of-town guests to the ashram for Swami’s darshan.

We sat inside the hall only a few times in the beginning. After that, even if we arrived early, we preferred to sit outside. From outside and a lower level, we got a better darshan and heard the message more clearly.

Swamy has a special method of communicating with his devotees. He looks toward us with a faint smile. His overwhelming compassion reflects in the smile. Every darshan, without fail, he makes a special gesture. His right hand rises with the palm pointing to the sky. His head moves slightly upward emphasizing the beyond that his hand points to. Palm of his left hand also turns upward without the arm rising. It is a beautiful and very expressive gesture, for it speaks to me loud and clear.

I hear him saying, “Do not look at this body of mine. It is the same as yours. There is nothing special here. Look up toward the source of all wisdom, the supreme wisdom that surrounds us. For that is where I too focus my quest. Go always to the source in whatever you seek. Do not take shelter of your guide or guru. Learn all you need to from the guru, but then turn your gaze to the beyond. The source of wisdom is the same for all of us, guru and disciple.”

This message of swami enchants me. I bow and thank him for this guidance.

December 15, 2007