Cartoonist Shankar Learns from Two Great Men

Cartoonist Shankar Learns from Two Great Men

Once Shankar, India’s top cartoonist of the time went to Wardha to observe a Congress Working Committee meeting. Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Rajaji and many other national leaders were participating.

Jamnalal Bajaj was the host. Shankar happened to come to lunch a couple of minutes ahead of the others. He sat down in one of the rooms not knowing that it was reserved for the big leaders. Jamnalal Bajaj came and told Shankar and requested him to move to another room. Shankar was embarrassed and he felt insulted.

Rajaji heard this and went to console Shankar. He said you know these Marwaris have no culture. They only know how to make money.

Gandhiji also heard of the incident. He looked out for Shankar and said to him. Rascal, you deserve it. You have been making fun of all of us for years. Now you get it in your own coin.

Gandhi did really possess the wit, didn’t he?

May 24, 2008