Power of Mind

Power of Mind
About two thousand years ago there lived a Raja named Balwant Singh in North India roughly where Punjab is today. He loved to keep animals. There were many beautiful horses in his vast stables. Some were known for speed and others as unmatched war- horses. But the animal that the Raja really prized was one of his super jumbo elephants. His name was Bhim. No elephant in the whole region came even close to Bhim in size and strength.

In those days owning elephants carried prestige value like owning Mercedes or Rolls Royce cars today. The Raja was very fond and proud of Bhim and left no stone unturned to keep him healthy and happy.

When first captured Bhim hated living in captivity. He tried and succeeded many times in breaking his ties and running away to his beloved jungle. But the Raja kept sending his best catchers to bring him back. Slowly, like the humans, Bhim degenerated to living the urban life of affluent slavery and his memory of the joys of free life in the beautiful jungle faded. He began instead to enjoy the pampering he received from the Raja’s men.

On ceremonial occasions he was decorated with ornaments specially fashioned for him. The Raja and the Prime Minister sat on Bhim’s back and led the procession in style through the city’s main street. A huge band walked in front and played martial and other tunes. This Bhim grew to especially like. In fact it had a sort of magical effect on him.

In the end Bhim turned old and week and began a life of boring retirement. But he got resigned to it like all humans and animals do.

One day as he was taken for a swim to the big pond outside the city, he got mired in a big lump of sticky mud. He tried to get out of it, but more he tried the deeper he got into the mud. Word reached the Raja. He ordered all possible help to extricate Bhim. Nothing worked.

Then the Prime Minister’s son thought of a brilliant idea. The king’s band was called and told to play Bhim’s favorite tunes. This did something amazing to the powerful being. He mustered his strength in a way he had never done before, and slowly, gaining foot in the mud he began to inch toward the shore. Everyone watched with abated breath and produced sounds of encouragement.

Unbelievably, Bhim walked out of the pond with the last ounce of strength in his body. Everyone cheered. They had all learned something new; that, the mind has hidden power of its own that can be summoned to enable the body to do what it cannot possibly do alone. Bhim demonstrated this truth for all of us.

So, whatever we wish, we probably can do even at the tail end of our lives.

September 15, 2007