World in God’s Hands

World in God’s Hands
I dreamed of our earth as a ball covered with a pattern of shapes. Half of them were dark and rest white. By habit I began to evaluate the pattern-- ugly, bad, good, perhaps so-so. But what is this, I thought? Nature is supposed always to be beautiful. Why is the drawing on the globe not like it is supposed to be?

Then rain came over the earth. Oh, what is going to happen, I wondered. Will the rain benefit the earth, or will it harm?

Ink of the black portion ran. Shapes began to distort as white areas were smudged. The entire globe looked ‘ugly’. What is going on here, I asked. Had nature gone berserk? My sleep was disturbed but luckily only for a few moments. I went back to sleep and to dreaming the same old dream.

More rain fell and washed away all the smudges. Soon all the black ink was washed away and the whole earth became sparkling white like the moon. It was beautiful.

Following morning I was thinking of the dream I had dreamt. Pattern in white and black on the globe just was-- not good, bad, beautiful or ugly. When the rain smudged it, it did not turn ugly, it still just was. And finally, when the smudges were washed off and the globe made sparkling white, it only just was.

Some great wise power is in control and all things are just right. Equilibrium prevails despite storms and collisions of celestial bodies.

Do we know what is right and what is wrong? We do not, and it is okay. We will never know and that is the way it is supposed to be. We do not run the world, and that frees us from the task. The one who knows this is really in the know.

March 17, 2007