World Puzzle

World Puzzle

A couple was shopping to buy toys for their 10-year-old son. A puzzle attracted their attention. Both husband and wife became completely absorbed. Each wanted to solve the puzzle but they couldn’t. 

This puzzled them because both were experts in solving such puzzles. ‘Why would anyone design and try to sell a puzzle that would not resolve?’

They went to the shop manager and asked, “Both of us have been working on this strange puzzle for an hour but have failed. We are normally quite good at them. Is it really very difficult, or is there a secret clue?”

The manager laughed. “Well,” he said, “This puzzle is impossible to solve because it is modeled on the world around us. Humankind has been trying to understand this world for a long time but more we try less we seem to know. It is too complex or too fleeting to grasp. This puzzle tries to teach us that.”

The couple bought the puzzle not for their son but for themselves and brought it home. 

27 September 2008