Fasting for Healing and Toning the Body

Fasting for Healing and Toning the Body

From noon last Thursday till noon today (Sunday) I fasted. I did not eat anything, but drank water whenever I felt thirsty. During this time I stayed in bed most of the time; I got up to go to the bathroom a few times and for short strolls mostly inside the house two or three times a day.

The reason was that I noticed on Tuesday morning that my right eye was red from hemorrhage. It looked so dark that it was almost invisible. I went to the doctor. She examined it and said it was a minor problem and gave me some drops to put into the eye thrice daily and apply cold compress. She said it is a common complaint and can be caused by a number of reasons, but it heals in about three weeks; there is no danger to the vision in the eye.

I did for two days what the doctor told me, after that as soon as I was able I started the fast. This is not new for me. I fast for healing very often and most of the time I have benefited. The experience, however, is different every time. It depends on the condition of the body and the environment. The idea is that you give the body over to the wisdom and healing power of the body. Very often you are healed, but sometimes the body ignores the problem you bring to it and turns to some other malady in the body that he thinks requires more urgent attention. Unless you are respectful and sensitive, you cannot hear the body and understand what it is doing. But if you surrender totally with full trust, and do so many times, you begin to understand his/her language.

My eye began to heal by Friday evening. This morning when I looked in the mirror the eye was clearly visible, and I looked like a man with two good eyes! The redness is not completely gone, but more than 50% is cleared and it is going fast.

I should not strain too much after the fast, so I stop here.

April 15, 2007