Rumi Talks of Seeing the Invisible

Rumi Talks of Seeing the Invisible

The five physical senses are all connected.
They’ve grown from one root.
As one grows strong, the others strengthen, too:
each one becomes a cupbearer to the rest.
Seeing with the eye influences speech;
speech increases discernment in the eye.
As sight deepens, it awakens every sense,
so that perception of the spiritual
becomes familiar to them all.

Hence, when one sense grows into freedom,
all the other senses change as well.
When one sense perceives the hidden,
the invisible world becomes apparent to the whole.

-Jalaluddin Rumi-

How true and how elegantly worded! Rumi always speaks like this. His words are so clear that comments of editors often hinder rather than help the reader’s understanding. This is so because the saint did not speculate, he spoke from direct experience. His words seem crafted not by him but by the Great Wisdom he was connected with. He did not speak to impress. He just shared what he saw and deeply understood.

I read the above, liked it, and felt a strong need to share it. Having done that, I stop.


February 17, 2007