Trees Make Rain

Trees Make Rain

Nearly 20 years have passed when I noticed a phenomenon that thrilled me to the core then and keeps popping into my mind even to this day. Yet it was a simple ordinary thing one passes by without even noticing. It was early in the morning. The sun had not yet risen. I was visiting Atheetha Ashram in Tamil Nadu and had gone for my usual morning walk. It was a chilly morning. There was thin fog floating all around.

As I returned and entered the Ashram area I noticed that the ground under a ‘hongay’ tree was wet as from heavy rain. But there were no clouds in the sky and it had not rained in the previous night.

I went and stood under the tree and found that it was indeed raining. The rain was real big drop kind not just a light drizzle. Amazing, truly amazing. I had never witnessed such a scene before in my life.

Leafs of the tree were soaking wet and dripping. Then I realized what was happening. The tree was pulling moisture out of the wet air to quench its thirst and dropping some to store in the soil for future use. How wondrous!

It is easy to imagine what a forest full of trees would do to the clouds in the sky. It would cause rain by pulling the clouds down. And, it is easy also to conclude that clouds would flee from treeless areas without giving rain. How clear, how easy to see?

July 26, 2008