Aches, Pains and Other Diseases

Aches, Pains and Other Diseases

Life is a unity. It is one and indivisible yet manifest in all animals and plants. The tree in front of my house has same life as I, not similar but identical. Our bodies are animated by life. Tribal people all over the world call it the animator. They therefore recognize kinship with birds, animals and plants.

Life’s Wisdom is embedded in every being. Furthermore it comes afresh every day with the air we breathe and sunshine in which we bask. Everyone living in the wild imbibes it. But when some animals (particularly we humans) insulate themselves by living inside four walls, they lose touch with the free flowing Manna. But nature in its generosity does not give up. It punches us to puncture our shell. The pain immobilizes and makes us lie down to pay attention. If we recognize true nature and purpose of this pain, the gift of precious wisdom is delivered and the pain goes.

I illustrate this with a personal experience.

In the beginning of December 2008 I woke up one morning with a pain in my right thigh. It was not severe but vexing enough to ring an alarm. I tried to recall what all I had done the previous day. It was an ordinary day and I had followed my routine of exercise, deskwork and leisure of a couple of short naps. I definitely had not hurt myself. There was no telltale sign on my leg, no swelling, no red or blue color, not even a scratch. Yet the pain persisted and by the following morning it became severe.

I got up from bed feeling considerable pain but when I tried to walk the pain became so intense. I knew it was a major event not likely to go away as quickly as it had come. Both bedrooms in our duplex house are upstairs. So we got a bed brought down with the help of some visiting friends and I made myself as comfortable as was possible.

Low pain was constant but it flared every time I moved my right leg. I lay on bed and meditated most of the time. Neighbors got word and came to see me. They gave suggestions. I heard but didn’t feel the necessity to do anything in a hurry. It is not my habit to run to a doctor for every little ache. Four days passed. My friend and neighbor Sreedhar came in to announce that he was taking me to our good Doctor C. M. at 10am. I said okay for when this dear friend comes in such situations there is no other answer.

With great difficulty I walked the short distance from car to the elevator and we were in the doctor’s room. She sat me down and asked what had happened. I told her I did not think there was anything wrong with me. My pain was benign and had come with a gift! Dr. C. M. was not surprised, for she knew me well. “You may be right, but we have to find out our way,” she said. She made me lie down on a bunk, examined me, and said she will make appointments with some specialists and inform me when to come. In a week I was checked by three of them. All gave me a clean chit. She said she too was puzzled. She prescribed some pills twice. I bought and swallowed the first bunch, but quietly skipped the second. I knew they were painkillers and I did not need them.

There was nothing wrong with me. The pain was a wrap covering a priceless gift. I needed patiently to wait. After a long month I knew the gift was being delivered and it was with me. The pain mellowed and soon disappeared.

I had had such experiences many times since 1956. Most of them came when I needed guidance. The path to take was pointed. I was healed. I know that a silent Animator permeates my body. In fact that is who I am. It needs to draw my attention and communicate with me in silence, not words. If I am ready to receive the message it comes clear as bell.

Partap Aggarwal
January 9, 2010