Environment in a New Light (part II)

Environment in a New Light (part II)

“The need today seems to be to reexamine our way of life in every detail. Whatever seems in anyway to harm the natural order must be shed and what promotes health and peace needs to be adopted. For this we must have reverence for the Creator and discipline to obey rules that govern the universe.” We concluded the last article with this statement. Now let us see what all we need to shed and what to adopt.

Let us first talk of air, for it is our most important intake. We breathe it all day and all night throughout our lives. On waking up we need to stretch our limbs and take deep breaths. Next we city folks must find a way to soak in our quota of oxygen for the day. The best place for it is a local park where there are trees and other plants. Morning air has moisture that soaks up impurities. The plants pull this moisture, drink it and eat what’s in it. You see it as dew on the leaves. The air is washed clean, or relatively so! We must add this qualification because the amount of pollutants we put into the air is huge.

Let us walk in this morning air for ½ or at least ¼ hour. Brisk walk is better, but do not torture your body. Remember always to remain comfortable or you can hurt yourself.

Then sit down on a bench. Do basic neck exercises. These are especially important for people over 40, or if you use a computer for work. Take long breaths inhaling maximum amount of air so that your lungs are full and belly puffed up. Then exhale. Be sure the belly contracts. In most people this process is reversed and very harmful. To learn the correct way, observe a baby sleeping in a crib. That is the way we need to breathe every day all our lives. It is not difficult to learn.

Learn 6-7 basic pranayams as Baba Ram Dev teaches them. Do each 10 or more times. But this is not enough. In addition pick one and do it continuously for 15 to 20 minutes. I do the kapal bhati 500 hundred times. This way you absorb a lot of oxygen in your blood and rest of the body. Specific pranayams are recommended for different ailments. Take advice from a yoga teacher if you need it.

Next, you stand up straight and do some basic exercises of your arms. This is essential for people with sedentary jobs.

There are many benefits of this daily routine. One is that you become conscious of the quality of air you breathe and learn to avoid polluting it. You then know that it is good to avoid known polluted areas in the city. Cut down on shopping. Reduce your needs. Do whatever you can to be in cleaner areas. I always use Volvo buses in Bangalore. This also keeps me safe from prevailing road rage.

I have often mentioned what “I” do only to stress that you too can do it. For I believe that everyone can do what even I can do.

Partap Aggarwal
December 24, 2009